Freshly prepared & baked pastry dough with three different savoury rich and hearty ingredients:

Aussie Meat Pie made of diced meat, mushroom and onion covered with our heavenly gravy.

Chicken & Vegetable Pie with chicken, peas, corn & carrots mixed together & completed with a creamy white sauce.

Steak & Onion pie made of stewed Angus tenderloin steak & caramelized onion in a crispy puffed pastry pie. 

Pies are available to grab 'n go as a snack or to enjoy them, warm and comforting, @ Sage and Sirloin.

Product NamePrice
Aussie Meat Pie (Minced Beef & Mushroom Pie)
Chicken and Vegetable Pie
Steak and Onion Pie